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Friday, 12 August 2016


Do you know that some institutions offer scholarships to help fund tuition fees and living costs and enable you to accomplish your career goals? YES….. Many scholarship providers award funding opportunities at various degree levels of undergraduate, postgraduate, Ph.D. and also for other training programs.

It is now a popular knowing that education does not come cheap these days that is why people look for affordable ways and funding opportunities to get educated. Getting a scholarship is one of the highly sought for funding opportunities this has made it very competitive and difficult to get, even though scholarships are being offered by different countries to attract the most intelligent international students around the world. It is very important to take scholarship application seriously and to know what to do when applying for a scholarship.
The first step to take is to gather as much information on prospective school scholarship. It is very vital that you make enquiry from the prospective school to know the various processes and procedure to take when applying for their scholarship. You can do this by visiting their website or school portal. You should also gather information on the type of scholarship you are applying for. For example, there are Governmental scholarships and Non-Governmental scholarships also for an international student. Also, some scholarship process might require you send an application for the scholarship and so on.
Take deadlines seriously.The Scholarship is usually given on a first-come-first-served basis because of the competition involved.  An application completed on or before the deadline for registration usually receives first consideration. Do not miss the deadline.
It is also important to know that you will be sending an official transcript and grade scores of the school you are transferring from or you finished from. This will be an assessment process for the prospective school to determine if you meet the criteria that have been laid down. Some scholarship requires tests and interview conducted for their applicants.
On a final note, you might search for so much scholarship program before you find one that either suit you or apply to you. My advice to you is to be very patient; patience is the key to securing the right scholarship program for you.
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Thursday, 11 August 2016


the first thing you need to know is the document required to study abroad. I get lots of complaint from prospective students who want to study abroad, that their application for admission was rejected by the schools they applied to. The major reason for this rejection is usually because these students do not send or include the required documents the school has laid down. The first advisable thing to do is to go to your desired school porter or website and check for the required documents and procedures that are required of international students.

Documents usually required are:
It is very vital to send all necessary certificates of your previous study together with the transcripts. These documents usually show your grades, CGPA and your area of specialization. This will help the admission board to determine how qualified you are for such admission. If this document is not included, your admission application will be rejected.

An international passport permits the holder to travel to any other countries in the world, provided he obtains a proper visa or entry permit to the country he proposes to visit. In some countries, the international passport for travel abroad is the second passport. An international passport is a document that carries information like  owner’s name, date of birth, passport number, passport issue/expiry date etc.

One of the ways to know that your application for admission has been granted is that the school will prepare an invitation letter stating that you have been accepted to study in their school. This invitation letter plays a very important role in the process of acquiring or obtaining a visa from the country the school is located.

Almost all countries require that students coming into their country to study should have sufficient funds that will take care of the student’s tuition fee, the cost of feeding,  accommodation, and so on. Though, most schools give out scholarship/grant that usually covers tuition fees. However, such student has to present an official document issued by the scholarship organization stating the terms and conditions of the scholarship. But still, it is usually required that student should have financial support for their application for admission to be granted.
It should be noted that document required to study abroad are not limited to the ones listed above. We also assist students who want to study abroad secure  their admission, get their international passport, visa, and invitation letter.

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Tuesday, 9 August 2016


China is enriched with great cultural history, martial arts, technology, herbs, diet recipes, great structural buildings and with world Class Universities and lot more.

  • Chinese universities are universally recognized and acknowledged by most developed countries. The Chinese government has consented to an arrangement on shared acknowledgment of scholarly capabilities with various nations including the United States, Britain, France, Japan and 65 other countries and regions. Chinese degree programs in Engineering, Science, Medicine, Economics and Trade, Finance and so on are exceptionally loved and highly revered.
The cost of studying and living in China is very affordable unlike other countries; the 
cost of feeding, housing, clothing, transportation is very cheap and can be afforded by an average individual.

  • Do you know that most of the world’s biggest companies and organizations have their companies located in China? Most of these companies have their headquarters located in almost all part of China. Aside this, China is known to have the world fastest economy growth for the past 30 years and has managed to maintain a stable economy. All these features are criteria for great employment opportunities. This means that when you study in China, there is an advantage of great job opportunities. 

  • Studying in China is also a great opportunity to experience it’s enriched cultural history and art, first-hand experience/information. It is also an opportunity to explore the most populous country in the world enriched in infrastructures and wonder structural site.

  • There are also scholarship provisions made for a student willing to study abroad. This scholarship may cover or supplement your tuition fee so that the actual amount will be equal to the tuition fee.

China has become one of the most popular abroad study centers “sought for” in the world for international students.
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